Insurance Discounts You’re Missing Out On

Having your vehicle and home insured is mandatory if you want to protect your assets from an unforeseen event. However, that peace of mind doesn’t always come cheap. If you are looking for homeowner insurance in North Andover, MA, you are probably looking for a policy with great coverage that won’t break the bank. If saving money is important to you, it’s time to look into all of your policies. Did you know that there are probably numerous discounts on your insurance that you are already missing out on? From auto to homeowners insurance, here are just a few of the discounts you should be getting.

Military Discounts. It doesn’t matter which branch of the military you have served in, you deserve to be recognized for your time in the U.S. Armed Forces. From the Army to the Coast Guard, most insurance agencies will honor your service by providing you with a discount on your insurance. In many cases, this can be applied to your different policies and not just one.
Good Student Discounts. If you or one of your dependents is currently in school, there could be a discount on your insurance policies based on your grades. However, the guidelines may be different depending on your carrier and policy. For example, some companies might require that your grades be high enough to be on the honor roll or dean’s list. Some might just require that the GPA is at a certain point. In some cases, there may be an age limit or a grade limit to the discount. It’s best to contact your insurance carrier directly to inquire about this possible discount.
Multiple Car Discounts. Got more than one driver living under your roof? There may be a discount for that! Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you have multiple drivers or cars insured with them.
Bundling Discounts. If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, you probably also have an auto insurance policy. You may even have a policy on a boat, ATV, or motorcycle. However, if you have them all insured with different companies, you could be missing out on discounts. Bundling your insurance policies together with one company will usually save you money. Not only will you get a discount from having all of your policies with one carrier, but it will make it easier to file a claim and pay your bills on time. Instead of dealing with different premiums and due dates, all of your payments will be rolled into one.
Organizational Discounts. Sometimes, companies will offer you discounts if you are a member of specific organizations or companies. Many times, larger companies will negotiate discounts with certain carriers as an incentive to get their employees to sign up with them. However, this isn’t always available to all organizations or carriers. For more details, speak with your insurance carrier.
Equipment Discounts. If you have an alarm system, cameras, or other specialty safety features on your home or vehicle, your insurance carrier may offer you a discount. This is because added safety features could prevent an accident or break in from occurring, causing a claim to be filed. If your car didn’t come with qualifying features, it is possible to add them after you purchase it.
Getting the best deal on your homeowner insurance in North Andover, MA, is easier than you think. Simply find the insurance company that offers discounts in the areas you need and provides adequate coverage. Now that you know of all of the discounts you could be missing out on, why settle for an overpriced policy? Plus, by having your homeowners and other policies carried by the same company, you could end up saving time, money, and energy in the long run.